• Delhaize is a Belgian supermarket chain known for its qualitative products and innovations under their own private brands. We do branding & packaging design for Delhaize since 2014. We were briefed to work on the new Delhaize fair trade coffee packaging design of the capsules range.
    The most important message was to communicate the single origin of this range, thus showing the provenance of the coffee. We also needed to have a clear guidance system for the consumer. And last but not least, it had to be clear that the pack contains coffee capsules. Our solution was to use a world map as background and to put a big coffee capsule on the country of origin. We used a ‘tag’ to serve as guidance system for the consumer. The result was not only a packaging design with clear communication & guidance, but, by using a beige toned background, we also managed to be different from the competition who are/were mainly using black or darker colors.
    The launch of this new fair trade coffee packaging design was an instant hit and Delhaize decided to adapt all fair trade & regular coffees to this packaging design.