• The Cocoa Shop
    Branding, e-commerce experience, 3D modeling, advertising
  • Scenario: The Cocoa Shop, a large candy corporation, is looking to increase sales over the holiday season. They want to invent a new type of chocolate and/or candy bar that is a great stocking stuffer and only sold in the month of November and December. 

    Deliverables: The marketing manager needs a rebrand, refreshed tone of voice, social media banners, packaging, a 3D mockup of the new Santa candy using Blender, advertising signage, the ideal user journey, and a mockup for their e-commerce website.

    UI/UX insights: The design of The Cocoa Shop website is different from other candy companies because it is mobile first. It is geared towards users scrolling through social media and spontaneously clicking on an ad. Each candy item on the site has a description, chocolate percentage, user-generated reviews with image uploads are allowed, plus, it mentions how many items are left in stock when running low. After A/B testing a variety of button colors, we found the deep red in checkout won out over brown — it has a different color than other buttons to signify the action of purchasing.