• Swingers App
    Branding, mobile and tablet app experience, advertising
  • Scenario: The Swingers app matches players up by location and skill level to play a round of golf. Users create a profile, fill out a quick survey to find out what level they are on, and are able to start booking tee times right away. The inventor is a professional golfer who endorses the app.

    Deliverables: Swingers needs a campaign built around their celebrity endorser to encourage downloads before the summer season. It must be integrated into the app.

    UI/UX insights: Our users are typically on their phones, so the app controls (logo, menu, profile, close, and calls to action) are large enough for a finger to tap. In heat maps, users will read in an F pattern, skipping much of the body copy and reading through subheads. Therefore, we established governance and reduced the amount of copy down to 3 lines max on mobile. Copywriters are able to access the character counts in the Swingers app design system.