• Holiday Snack Bar is an existing restaurant in Beach Haven, New Jersey, for which I redesigned their identity system.
    The restaurant is an authentically vintage bar (non-alcoholic), where guests can pull up a stool and enjoy a burger, shake and a piece of pie...or something along those lines.  My main challenge in completing this redesign was creating a vintage-style identity that stands up to their authentic vintage sign and decor.
  • Logo on outside of folder
  • Open the folder to find the logo exists within this pattern
  • I created 5 patterns of menu items that I used throughout the system. The patterns and the logotype are hand-drawn. I tried to use a design process that closely matched the design process of the decade this restaurant reflects upon (the 1950s), making it feel authentically vintage.
  • I gave the identity a fresh feel via the color palette, using aqua and muted yellow on cream paper, rather than something more expected of the time such as black and red. 
  • I also designed a menu, which is small so that it could be easily stored on the bar for a new guest to quickly access & flip through. I also created a cake box for when visitors purchase a whole cake from the bakery. 
  • Cake box slides open
  • The menu uses a pattern on the left of each spread, made of the items listed on the right page. 
  • 'Soups & Salads' Pattern
  • 'Main Course' Pattern
  • 'Sweet Slices' Pattern
  • 'Whole Sweets' Pattern
  • 'Drinks & Shakes' Pattern