Perth Amboy Mural Project Submission

  • Perth Amboy Mural Project Proposal 
  • Collaboration with Joy Velasco (Illustrator)
  • Project Description:
    Perth Amboy is seeking a creative, vibrant and engaging design proposal for an outdoor mural in Downtown Perth Amboy. The building’s side façade faces a wide alleyway, and is receiving increased visibility and pedestrian traffic. To create a more inviting exterior to the walkway, the City with the support of the property and business owner are commissioning an original mural inspired by “TOGETHERNESS.”
  • Concept Statement
  •          Upon reflecting on the concept of 'Togetherness', it is difficult to not think of the current climate of the world we live in. From the uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to a national reflection on its history of police brutality, the world can feel insane. While it is important to focus on these issues, it is just as important to take care of one's individual needs. Feelings of emotional burnout and loneliness fester if not addressed. The world outside can seem chaotic and confusing-- but when together with someone you love, worries are eased and soothed like the fluidity of water.
              Our mural proposal visualizes the concept of togetherness in a time of chaos. In the middle of the painting is a window-- outside of it is a bright reddish-orange, abstracted skyscape of mayhem. The erratically drawn lines further embed this feeling of unease and alarm. This represents the chaos of the world outside. Enveloping the window is an even coated stretch of deep teal. The two figures, coded as male and female people of color, smile and embrace each other in a hug, painted and blending into the same teal color. Layered over both of them is a map of the water bodies of Perth Amboy: the Raritan River, Arthur Kill, and the Raritan Bay opening up into the Atlantic Ocean. This is meant to tie the locality of Perth Amboy into this mural as well as draw parallels between the flowing, calm state of water with the idea of comfort when surrounded by a loved one. The heart over the male's figure's chest also is the location of Perth Amboy on a map. 

  • Mural Proposal
  • Proposed Mural 3-D Perspective 
  • Proposal Mural Elevation