• Invitation for a rustic summer wedding, which was set in a barn and featured warm colors and a had a homey feel.
    Before I was even engaged, I was already designing my wedding invitation in my head. My idea changed time and time again, but I eventually fell in love with a booklet-style invitation. I chose this format for its less formal approach, extreme organization, and the opportunity to make a mini-book (I love mini-books, and really anything mini). I thank Melissa at Persnickety Invitation Studio (where I was interning) for all her help, guidance, and resources, and my mom's expertise on the sewing machine.
  • Drop tag specifying who is invited to the wedding (as opposed to a second envelope).
  • Kraft paper cover and machine stitched binding
  • First spread: Invitation
  • Second Spread: Wedding Day Timeline
    I chose to only put an accent color on the left page because it is the back of the invitation, and putting type on the back of it would have made the invitation feel less formal or special.
  • Third Spread: Directions & Accommodations
  • Fourth Spread: RSVP Instructions & Website Information
  • Back of RSVP Postcard
  • And how the invitation coordinated with the Wedding Day...
  • Program cover
  • Mini-vases with drop tag for seating information
    Doubled as seating cards and favors
  • Mint pack...other small favor