Architecture Portfolio

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  • The form of the bicycle factory was derived from the shape of the collapsible bicycle. The top three floors feature a rounded shape encased in a curtain wall, allowing users to have an unobstructed view of the viaduct. A circular ramp on the interior allows viewers to experience the manufacturing process of the bicycle, as they look into the employee’s workstations. Galleries or exhibits on multiple floors describe as well as visually showcase this process, and a bike park on the viaduct allows visitors to test out their newly purchased bikes. The bicycle factory creates a unique experiance for every user.
  • The Informative Eyes system was derived from a magnifying glass which symbolizes ideas, information, and a quest for knowledge.  The system is comprised of a touch screen aspect that helps customers find information on transportation around the city as well as offers many services such as wifi, augmented reality, call directory, and cell phone docking station.  Ultrasonic sensors in the system allow the “eyes” to rotate to the height of the user and rotate to cover the user when there is inclement weather. 
    This compact home is has everything a small family needs to live comfortably. It features a living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms and loft bedroom. With a focus on high end details and exposed brick walls, this home is sure to please anyone.
  • The design for the school was centered around the courtyard on the first three floors. On one side, movable walls were put in place to open the courtyard to the lobby on days with fair weather. Circulation centered around the courtyard as well and a walk path was provided to cut through the courtyard on the second and third floors. The V-gesture can be found on all the levels of the building and mainly houses the residential section of the school. The school provides spaces for 50 fellows for a 12-month term and provides housing, meals, a library, studio space, and exhibition space.
  • These perforated steel panels react to the sun and adjust to cover more or less of the curtain walls throughout the day. The panels can move both horizontally and vertically depending on the weather. They can be used in any various locations and climates and help to preserve energy use in the building.
    This fixture was created to provide illumination in settings needing dim or low lighting in both residential and commercial settings. Venues include: restaurants, bars, foyer, and residential dining area. The light is made of Plexiglas and metal chain to attach it to the ceiling.
  •     Pierce’s Growing Center allows residents of South of South to learn more about how to live sustainable lifestyles and provides the needed education on how to compost, manage storm water, recycle, and garden in their own homes.  Included in the center will be an indoor farmer’s market, greenhouses, and an environmental center.  The Growing Center will utilize the space that is already available, the abandoned William S. Pierce Public School building; the space will be renovated to accommodate for retail space and greenhouses, and the parking lot will be turned into community garden space.  All of these changes will utilize the site without effecting the integrity of it.
  • The Reading Viaduct is an abandoned elevated train track in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While currently unsightly and overgrown, the viaduct offers the unique opportunity to bridge together and revitalize multiple Philadelphia neighborhoods through the creation of a walking bridge originating at the existing viaduct. From this inspiration came the idea of a vine, an organic shape with the power to intertwine forms and spaces. This idea was first brought to life through the shape of the bridge itself, two concrete curvilinear paths appearing to weave together as they span the expressway. This concept continued to be portrayed through the use of a series of steel "vines" emerging from the bridge and wrapping gracefully around the paths. These steel vines are constructed using triangular steel trusses allowing them to act as the primary structure, connecting to a main steel arch as well as the bridge itself employing a structural system similar to that of a fan or suspension bridge.
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