Tekton Exhibit Module_ DVI

  • TEKTON EXHIBIT MODULE challenges the concept of the “exhibit” by enticing the physical participation of the visitor to shape his experience, therefore incorporating himself as an element of the exhibition. 
    It is a 10’x10’x 6’ 8” booth whose architecture embraces the “Power to Do” concept by engaging the visitor through physical interaction in order to shape its own experience of the exhibition. The steel ribs create the physical framework in which the exhibit panels are configured based on the nature of the exhibition. The rotating joints in the center rib, while contributing to structural stability, allows the system to be easily transportable and deployable. Functionally, its interactive nature not only allows the exhibit area to contract and expand based on the nature of the work showcased, but also allows the penetration or blockage of surrounding natural and artificial light sources. 
  • Conceptual Sketch
  • Conceptual Axonometric Rendering
  • Study Models
  • Deployable Steel Ribs - Mobility 
  • Plan & Section 
  • Exhibition System Components 
    1 - Steel Frame
    2 - Wood Panels
  • Two Panels Connfiguration
  • Two Panels Configuration
  • One Panel Configuration
  • One Panel Configuration
  • Constructability Diagram