• Winter Is Coming is a collection of athletic wear designed to be as highly fashionable as it is functional. The line is targeted towards young women in their 20’s and 30’s, who are just as concerned with staying active and physically fit as they are with looking fashionable on all occasions. This young woman is always on the go and is involved in many activities socially as well as professionally. Her hectic schedule does not always allow her the convenience of being able to squeeze in a workout and still have time to fully change before heading to run errands around the city. The collection caters to just this dilemma. It is designed to have the functionality that every athlete is looking for yet it is stylish enough to feel comfortable in while you grab a quick drink with the girls. 
    In order to cater to the highly energized and athletic side of this customer, the clothing in this collection is designed with key components to help enhance athletic performance. The fabrics used are a variety of technical fabrics ranging from water resistant and breathable nylons to keep the customer dry on rainy days, to brushed nylons, which wick moisture away from the body while still feeling soft and cozy against the skin on cold days. Each fabric is carefully chosen to fit the specific purpose of each piece. Every seam is flat locked in order to ensure that the garment sits comfortably against the skin and minimizes the risk of chafing.  The thoughtful design of this collection does not stop at the fabric selection. Each piece includes fun design features, which are intended make each activity a bit more enjoyable. Such features include, hidden pockets that are just the right size to provide a safe spot for your running gels, ID, subway card, and Ipod.
    In order to cater to the style conscious part of the customer’s soul, the collection is designed to be edgy and fashion forward. Like the name itself, Winter Is Coming, the collection draws its inspiration from the dark and mythical worlds that have become the setting of today’s most popular TV shows. The patterns used are designed to create a dark yet majestic and feminine feel, and allude to the forecasted inclusion of lace as well as marble prints for the Fall 14 season. The color palette for this line is dark yet still rich enough in color to appeal to catch the eye of even the most feminine females.