PhilaU Target Competition

  •                                                                  Target and Graffiti
    The concept for my mood board comes from the idea of taking the traditional preppy style and introducing it to the street style and colors of graffiti. I chose the only person that in my mind exudes all of this, Will Smith of The fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In the show his style is so cool, that the preppy guys that attend school with him all want to dress and be like him. He’s great with the girls and all the while is himself. His style breaths confidence and playfulness which led me to design a youthful collection for the fall/winter. This collection showcases those playful graffiti street colors but with a more constructed frame. Introducing this sweater and Skinny jeans look to the Target consumer gives the men’s wear department more to work with, it creates a variety of new clothing that the Target male feel may be lacking in the target store. This look plays on the 80’s style that’s current in fashions trends today, it also gives that youthful target customer a new way to express his style while staying on trend.