On The Grid || You are being Tracked

    On the Grid is a social advocacy website following the issue of cellphone tracking. It features an educational info-graphic on the subject of cell-phone tracking, a current news section, and an area that enables users to contact their congress representative and become involved in this issue.   
  • Sketches and Iterations
    Creating Sketches and iterations was an integral part of bringing this design to life.  Once the design was nailed down in terms of visual and interactive concepts it was time to move to development of the site.
  • On the Grid || Landing Page
  • On the Grid || Infographic
    The infographic for this site was created using a dynamic  jquery slider.  It also works with gestures for mobile devices.
  • Slide
    Dynamic slider areas are used throughout the site to allow users to easily access featured content.  All sliders are gesture enabled for mobnile devices
  • On the Grid || News Page
  • 3D Behavior
    CSS transisitions were utilized to allow for 3D flips of news elements.  Hovering activates the effect.