deathray Funkit

  • About This Project
    For this project, students were tasked with telling a digital story to instruct. Students were to design a structure that could be rebuilt by someone who has never seen it, based on the story. The catch (ah, there's always a catch), is that the story couldn't show the entire structure in one shot, or give step by step instructions (the actual terms used were “lego instructions) to assist in reassembling the structure.
    As a play on words, I decided to make the structure out of legos, as well as a lego stop-motion animation for the story. The idea would be, to make a comical story of the use of a “death-ray” on an alien planet, and by walking through feature's while in use, it would resonate with the user and allow them to be successful in reassembling the structure.
    Before this project, I had never done stop motion animation, and had only a week to complete the project. In a week's time, I learned the technology skills needed to make this animation happened.