Collab Competition, ARCH-401-1, David Kr

  • The reduction in the size of living accommodation has caused a growing need for adaptable, space saving, multi-functional furniture. The Curve is a modern adaptation that achieves the needs of today’s society. The simplistic concept of the Curve provides two types of furniture. When orientated horizontally, the Curve offers the user with a table complete with a chair, perfect to use as either a work desk or dining table. With just one movement into vertical position, the Curve transforms into a comfortable lounge chair with a side table; perfect for relaxing. 

  • I began to modify different components of the initial form, to provide more space for the users and the client.
  • Study of deconstructive model to explore new surface.
  • The alterations of the form resolves the complications of comfort and also creates multiple surfaces to be used in different events.
  • Diverse arrangement creates new spaces to be experienced by its user.