The Next Level

  • The Next Level is a project that is proposed for the site of 17th Street & Tasker Street in Philadelphia. It would share the site with the original George W. Childs School.
  • Final Board
  • The Philadelphia Water Department and Philadelphia Bike Works would share and interact with each other on the site. The Bike Works program would be housed in the existing building and the PWD program would be created in a building that is underneath the landscape. By raising the ground plane and creating a building underneath, a public green space is created. The slope of the ground plane would help with storm water collection where it would be filtered, purified, and stored for future use. The two buildings interact with each other through this ground plane by half of it being a walkway to the Bike Works and the other half being a skate ramp that goes down into the basement of the existing building.
  • The ground plane is only penetrated by two stairwells that double as light wells. Not only do they allow for vertical circulation, but they also bring light down into the PWD building. 
  • Final Model
  • Study Models