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    "PATCO, The EL & SEPTA trolleys at 40th St Portal 2011." Web
    "Pleasures of commuting to work by bicycle in Philadelphia." Web
    "SEPTA Action Series Downtown Philadelphia Buses." Web).
  • Cities researched and compared with Philadelphia
  • Beijing - The faster the transport system, the less the travel time
  • Berlin - Crowded routes increase travel time
  • Los Angeles - Traffic increases travel time
  • New York - The more interconnected the network, the less the travel time
  • The competition between transport systems increases travel time
  • History of Philadelphia's Transport System - Studying the density of people using the public transport network over time
  • Possible Solutions (However, not feasible)
  • Our Solution - The Liberty Card
  • The Electric Bike - The Connection Factor
  • Technology - Suitable Card and Detector
  • Plan of bus showing location and range of card reader