Urban Space Utilization

  • A collaborative project with:
    Ryan Thompson
    Zack Wilmarth
    Thaddeus Heinz
  • Practical vs Impractical space, there are many types of public spaces in Philadelphia.  Outdoor space, Indoor space, big and small, some of these spaces span over 3 blocks.  Most of the space is utilized to the fullest; while other parks in the city are unutilized to the point that they are closed to the public.  Because of this dismemberment to the public most of these spaces become ill kept and becme spaces that are dangerous.  But why are these spaces unutilized?  The question sheds light on what can be done to progressively utilize space.
  • To understand how spaces work within the city my team and I walked accross the city taking notes and drawing sections through 4 main spaces those being; Rittenhouse Square, Municipal Building/City Hall, Franklin Square, and the Korean War Memorial.
  • We did not just look into the city as a section, but we also took into account the zoning of the area and the age of people living in those areas.