SDN 611- Group Project Boro Park & Community Center

  • As part of SDN-611 Studio Class in the Sustainable Design Master's Program at Philadelphia University we were assigned a semester long group design project. Below is the cumulative work of Jacqueline Cusack, Kevin Wiedman, and Peter Williams. Our project looked at the redevelopment of an existing commercial space into a shared commercial/ community center and the redevelopment of an existing underutilized community park.
  • Below is my individual portion of the project, the park design. I looked at the layout of the park including stormwater management, rain gardens, natural play elements, a new pavilion and a redesign of the parking lot. I also designed the landscaping of the community center.
  • Pictures of the existing park equipment.
  • Below is the initial layout of the park areas, splitting the park into distinct sections.
  • The "Secret Garden"┬áis the calm, Zen, more adult area of the park. This is a low use area prone to flooding. The concept is a large rain garden with walking paths creating a calm and inviting place to walk. The rain garden utilizes native planting, some that are edible and will handle 60% of the runoff of the lower section of the park.
  • Hand sketch to scale (1/16 = 1')
  • The existing pavilion is proposed to be renovated using materials complimenting the community center to tie the park and community center together. A patio with a fire pit will be added to one side and new BBQ stations will be included.
  • A tree house will be the center of the natural play area. The tree house will include a suspension bridge to tie in the existing suspension bridge over the creek.
  • A logo was developed for the community center and park using a Sycamore leaf at the center. At the head of the park in the "Secret Garden" is a 300 year old Sycamore Tree creating a land mark for the park.