Design IX: Emergence Studio

  • This architecture studio focused on understanding and utilizing the latest digital methods and computational design tools for architecture.  A series of assignments were completed to aid in learning the computational design tools Processing, Rhino-Python, and Grasshopper.  The semesters final project was to complete a skyscraper following the guidelines of the international Evolo Skyscraper Competition.
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  • Final Project: Evolo Skyscraper Competition
    With technology advancing at an incredible rate, the future of the skyscraper is limitless. With new and better technologies being introduced into future projects, there will remain a surplus of outdated, underperforming structures. What can be done to prevent the wasteful process of leveling cities’ existing structures in order to erect the more current designs?
    Re-constructivism is a process and mind-set for future architects to follow helping prevent current skyscrapers, and the enormous energy inputs that are associated with constructing and maintaining them from going to waste. The growing concern for a building’s performance and the embodied energy of a building affords a unique opportunity to revitalize the existing stock of skyscrapers.
    As the world becomes more sustainable, an increasing amount of attention is being focused on a building’s embodied energy and it’s maintained performance levels. This calls attention to the opportunity to revitalize an existing building rather than starting anew. Based on research, a revitalized building can achieve very similar performance results when compared to a new structure, while having nearly half of the embodied energy inputs.
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