• Junior Year Theatre Design: Fall 2010
    For our theatre design final, we were to choose a play and design a set based on the specifications in the stage directions and our own imaginations. I chose Garrison Keillor's The Midlife Crisis of Dionysus. I chose to create an elevated platform where midstage and upstage actions would take place, including a chair and a table for some of the main scenes. I chose to leave downstage open except for one column each Stage Left and Stage Right. Because the play takes place on one set with no additions or subtractions, I wanted to place the set in a larger context by providing a background piece painted with a sky scene behind.
  • Platform construction-bottom
  • Finished platform
  • Finished arch to be supported by three columns
  • Column detail (five total columns)
  • Finished construction--pre-painting and wall adornments
  • Finished construction and painting--final model