D7: Panel Units

  • Progression of a panel system design that incorporates a partition, seating, and desk.  The panels act as a modular unit, allowing multiples to create different spacial and programmatic environments.  
    p r o j e c t :  S H O J I    P A N E L S
  • Study model of that studies the hinge and track system used to allow panels to slide and lock in place. Material used in model is basswood, acrylic, and pen springs. (1/4 scale)
  • Final model with functioning pin hinge system and track system. Material used in model is acrylic and pen springs. Material in reality would be 1.25" steel square tubes and 1/2" frost HDPE. (1/4 scale)
    p r o j e c t :  F L I P   N   S L I D E
  • Prototype study model that combines two 'table' designs with a functioning track and hinge system.  Model is slimmed down to half the width to focus on connection details.   Materials used in model is wood and 1/2" hinges.  (1/2 scale)
  • Renderings of the final design done by Frank Hansens. Dimensions of the design is 2'x2'x5'.  Materials would be 1.25" square steel tubes and 3/8" plywood.