BY Pulsen, Copenhagen, DK

  • BY PULSEN _The pulse of the city constitutes its life and its heartbeat; the capture of its spirit. It is both a comment on its contemporary lifestyle and a tribute to its history; an urban hub and an expansion of the natural landscape; a place of shelter and an ephemeral passage; a path and a destination; a mean of circulation and a core.
    It is an urban intervention to bring the natural landscape as a catalyst of revitalization of the Copenhagen harbor front. Located in the neighborhood of Christianshavn, it consists of a pedestrian bridge whose structural expression mimics the soul of its context. Its core consists of a winter community garden, a nexus of social gathering and environmental education. Functionally, By Pulsen reactivates the harbor, by not only facilitating pedestrian and cyclist movement across the water, but also connecting the surrounding community to the beautiful landscape of the glorious fortification of the Danish past.
    The structural steel spans over the site, behaving as a triangular truss system, to support of the movement of community residents and visitors to and from the existing natural landscape of the historical fortification.  
    Its core reflects the context of this natural landscape by housing a community garden which provides warmth and shelter during the long winter months. The rotating module of its glass skin facilitates natural ventilation though the core while regulating high temperatures due to direct solar gain adjusting its  internal thermal comfort. The latter is achieved through the means of a small café, inviting residents and commuters to rest and reflect upon their daily activities, engage into daily social endeavors and contemplate the beauty and vibrancy of the harbor of Copenhagen
  • Site Plan
  • Exterior Perspective
  • Long Section Through Site
  • East Entry Perspective
  • Interior Garden
  • Axonometric and Section Details
  • Cross-Section Through Interior Garden