Masonville Cove & Critter Hunt

  • Masonville Cove is a Nature Center in Baltimore MD. This is my redesign of their logo.
  • Critter Hunt is a geocaching application game
  • The goal of the game is to search around the cove using the handy compass on the application. There are X's on the map that indicate where trail markers are. Once you are at a trail marker, it will say something along the lines of "Take 10 paces West to find a furry critter." When you are getting close to a critter, the "warm" light illuminates. If you are walking the wrong direction, the "cold" light will illuminate.
  • Once you are in the right spot, you can switch your phone to Camera mode and see the virtual geocahed critter. There is one Critter who's geocached location is a secret. The Bald Eagle is the ultimate critter to find. If you roam around Masonville Cove long enough to find the Bald Eagle, you win free passes to the Baltimore Aquarium!