Anthropologie Internship

  • Large Window Display
    Various types of paper including standard printer paper, cardstock, parchment paper, tissue paper and house hold items such as Q-Tips create the flowers which are structured with metal poles. The papers and Q-Tips were all dyed with a natural process using fruits and vegetables.
  • Tissue paper is used to make the center, they are then surrounded by Q-Tips and printer paper that is cut in a fringe-like form.
  • Green paper was dyed again to add variety to the foliage. The flowers were then attached to the metal poles which were screwed into the flooring.
  • Small Window Display
    Paper egg cartons were recycled and naturally dyed to match the large window display. The egg carton flowers were strung onto naturally dyed rope to replicate tendrils. 
  • These smaller flowers were accented with dyed paper and Q-Tips.