Mara Hoffman Fantasy Space & Showroom

  • Design Concept:
    Mara Hoffman is an up and coming designer out of New York City. I was inspired by her use of pattern and color. The concept for my fantasy space and show room designs were taking the dynamics of a crystal, including structure, form and color to create a lively and exciting space. 
  • Inspiration
  • Process
  • Fantasy Space
    The fantasy space portion of this project was used as a form of inspiration for the show room. We completed a research project and inspiration board for the fantasy space which led to the show room design.
  • Entry Perspective
    3DS Max & Photoshop Rendered
  • Ground Floor Plan
    Rendered in Photoshop
  • Showroom
    Rendered in 3DS Max & Photoshop
  • First Floor Plan
    Rendered in Photoshop
  • First Floor Lounge
    3DS Max & Photoshop Rendered
  • Exterior Window Display
    3DS Max & Photoshop Rendered