The Art of Tea

  • This is a project that focuses on packaging. I created the tea company, its identity, and the packaging for it. There is a signature piece and an example of what one individual piece or flavor would look like. The logo for this company is based on the mat layout in Japanese tea houses, since the teas are japanese style teas. The inside of the signature box mimics this logo. I built the signature piece by hand, stained it, and mixed the paint on the sides to match the print colors. I also hand sewn the tea bags and ironed on the labels. The individual piece's shape is based on the platform at the Japanese tea houses. I built the form by hand and wrapped paper around it. 
  • This is the signature piece (on the left) and the individual packaging (on the right) for a tea company I created.
  • The logo I created for this company is based on the layout of mats in Japanese tea houses. The inside of the signature piece is created to mimic the logo.
  • The signature piece comes with a diffuser and booklet that tells the different flavors of the four teas, ingredients, and cooking instructions.
  • The individual piece shape was created to mimic the traditional platform style of the Japanese tea houses.
  • This is the back of the individual piece (on the left) and the signature piece (on the right).