Collapsable Puppet Theater "Peter Pan"

  • This project is a collapsable puppet theater for children ages 6-8. The puppet theater is based on the story of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. The theater has a drawer in the bottom that houses the puppets and props. To open the three different scenes, the user must remove the belly band. They then need to pull up on the top and push up the middle piece to bring up each scene. The design and structure are completely designed, drawn, and built by me. The design of the structure is made so that the child can have one to three scenes up at once. All the illustrations are designed and drawn by me. I drew each thing by hand and traced over with sharpie. I then watercolored over the drawing. Next I scanned the illustration into Photoshop, edited from there, and printed it out. 
  • The puppet theater collpased with the belly band.
  • Close-up of the first scene, which is the bedroom with three characters, Michael, John, and Wendy.
  • Close-up of the second scene, which is the Lost Boys Treehouse, with two characters, Peter Pan and Tinkle Bell and rocks.
  • The back of the theater extened with another collapsed theater aside of it. The back is a map of Never Never Land, that I illustrated.