Patch Adams Health Clinic

  • In an effort to bring accessible healthcare and a holistic view of health to the West Allegheny community, this building opens its doors to bring together medical care and community programs in a way that gives space for neighbors to hang out all day. Smaller-scaled spaces, including the library, conference loft, childcare, and waiting areas, focus the building on a personal interaction at a familiar scale. Larger areas open up to the five
    acre site and create space for neighborhood gatherings and workshops.
    The Patch Adams Clinic is after people, not profit. The space is created and defined by the community for the community; everyone is welcomed and cared for. Opportunities exist to take an active role in a total health of mind, body, and soul. Programmatic adjacencies at Patch Adams encourage personal interaction while little moments prompt you to slow down and enjoy the details.
    A living room is a space used every day in the home. We envision this clinic, similarly, being used everyday in the neighborhood. The front stoop and back yard, as welll, facilitate moments of connection between neighbors.
  • This project was a collaboration during the spring of 2013 between myself, T.J. Burghart, and Daniel Silberman. Images shown were produced within this team, not necessarily by me personally.