RetroGeo Children's Wear

  • Children's wear collection inspired by vintage black and white images of young girls playing together. I was drawn to the playful qualities of the children's characteristics contrasting with the sophistication of viewing them in black and white.
    My concept came from imgining black and white images overlaid with soft colors. I wanted to keep the sophistication in the silhouettes by adding more childish and fun details. The buttons and finishes as well as the prints are small and colorful. The lines that are created through color bocking and seaming could also easily be translated into a woman's collection.
    This idea played out when understanding my customer. I am focused on the 7-14 age group. My girl is from a well off family, but is not spoiled or obnoxious. She knows who she is and is not afraid to dress a bit differently. White she is studious and serious in some ways, she has a definite light hearted cheerful side. My collection fits well for a girl who is still childish in nature and aesthetic, but wit a more mature and older soul. It is the first step in her ever changing style and she grows up into a beautiful woman inside and out.