Nocturnal Sportswear Collection

  • I was inspired for my collection by the night time. As a designer, I spend a lot of time awake at night, and have a lot of friends who do as well. At this age we all seem to spend many hours seemingly alone in the night whether from insomnia, or just too much on out minds.
    I drew inspiration from researching nocturnal animlas. Their behaviors, how they cope at night, and their physical appearances. I also used many prints and transparencies to try and capture the icy or misty qualites of the night, both physically and aesthetically. 
    I have always been interested in sportswear and wanted to do it with this inspiration because it fits together well. Many people who cannot sleep with exercise at night and try to calm or distract their mind. I translated this into many different exercises such as running, yoga, dance, and biking, and pieces that could really fit into many different activities. It is high end designer sportswear, which currently does not have a huge market but will soon as more and more people are working out and wanting to look interesting and unique.