Fashion Showroom

  • This project is a fashion showroom for the high-end clothing line, Alice and Olivia. The design is  heavily inspired by vintage, Art Deco styles. Stacey Bendet combines old and new trends to create her fun unique look. Inspired by Art Deco, the design of the space strives have symmetry, clean lines, and geometric forms. Bright colors are contrasted with white and black throughout the space to emphisize the brands contrasting qualities. This project is completed using hand drafting and hand rendering.
  • Inspiration: Alice & Olivia High-end fashion line
  • Floor Plan: Symmetrical design used to exaggerate designer, Stacey Benndet's, use of Art Deco in her line.
  • Exterior Elevation: Glass Facade , accented by bold colored vintage picture frames, to emphisize Alice & Olivia's vintage characteristics.
  • Longitudinal Section
  • Cross Section
  • Showroom/ Runway Perspective
  • Entry/ Lobby Perspective