• Clouds Cage :
     In the final geometric design, I have focused on graphics using straight and curved lines to create a surface design with emphasis on the appearance of texture.  As a design student the techniques used in creating different surface designs always impressed me. So a part of inspiration has been to create an impression of Surface Design on this piece of graphics.  While working on graphics I learnt how to create tough designs and the lines I have used to create a web, appear to be made of thin metallic wire, giving metallic texture to web.  I have used white colour for the clouds before the dusk and the dark hues of turquoise bluish green color for the land as it gets engulfed in darkness. The different color contrast in this design is used to make the design look more effective.
    This geometrical web of lines appear to hold the clouds in their strong grip and from moving away, so that the clouds remain steady, where there is no freedom for the clouds to move anywhere. The web wraps up the clouds from all around.  It can be described as dominating, dark and with no freedom of movement. 
  • User Interface - Portfolio Iphone Apps
    In this mobile communication,  I was working on user interface to create the portfolio iphone apps. I was asked to create an app where the other clients can see my portfolio work. I  wanted to make the background look bold, dark and stylish whereas the icons have the branding name and the buttons which look fine and clear and more space between the gaps where the clients can easily click the buttons and to make the navigation easier for the clients to see the work back and forth.
  • Infographics - Theme : The Rise of the Planets of the Models.
  • Penndel Mental Health Center : 
    In this project, we (team-partner) were asked to redesigned the website and create 15 webpages. I was working this project in photoshop and my team partner was working on coding. I designed this from scratch webpage to a mature and simple webpage.  I like the neutral and subtle color background which looks mature for the health center and wanted to make it simple and the navigation (links) easier for the clients/patients.
  • Amrut School Diary:
    As a freelancer, I was asked to create the cover dairy for one of the Indian school. I gave her many options for 2013, I felt to make the diary looks stylish and creative that brings joy to the students.  I choose this design which shows the meaning of unity and team, the leaves that grows on the branches depicts the meaning of growth of success and aim towards the goal. Its has been published in May 2013.
  • Zenfolio Website - Event management :
    In this project, we were working as a team, where I and my team partner picked up the link - Event management.  We redesigned the website from scratch webpage to the final webpage. We both divided the work equally where I did the coding of putting the pictures and create the link (ADD)  and my team partner did the coding for the forms. After the combining two different work, the event management is completed. Please have a look on this link given below :-