erratic beauty

    Erratic Beauty
    The spring 2015 collection is inspired by the dynamic play between two of nature’s most abundant elements water and rock.  The ready-to-wear collection is designed for a customer in her mid 20’s to 30’s who is looking show her bohemian flare while still maintaining a look that is elegant and chic. The collection starts with pieces that will take the customer through her day and ends with an evening gown, giving the customer a well rounded selection of looks that are attune to her lifestyle. While designing this collection, I was drawn to nature’s ability to turn a soft and gentle element such as water into a destructive and explosive force.  What captured my attention most is the way in which a soft and seemingly gentle element is capable of carving and transforming the earth’s surface.  In selecting materials for this collection I purposely sought materials, such as chiffons and georgettes that would easily mimic the soft flow of water. In order to further mimic waters unique transitional state, I dove into playing with yarns and creating crochets that mixed varying weights and materials. As a result, the collection features crochets that are not only reminiscent of water, but that also mimic its texture as it changes from one state to the next. To capture the juxtaposition of water hitting the hard edge of rock, I chose to use lambskin leather with a jagged zigzag design as a trim along many of the pieces. In further attempts to draw more attention to waters ability carve away rock and create beautiful organic jagged edges, the zigzag patterned leather is predominantly featured throughout the collection.  In order to keep one’s eye solely following the hard edges purposely created by the leather as well as the soft flow of the fabrics over the body, I intentionally designed each piece to have invisible closures as well as minimal seam interruption.