• This saddle was hand-made and patterned for and existing frame by Brooks England Ltd.¬†
  • Interior lacing detail
  • Exterior lacing detail
  • Debossing detail with initials "K.A.W."
  • Making Process
    1) Wrapping fabric around existing saddle frame to make a pattern around existing frame
    2-3) Tracing pattern onto fabric
    4) Cutting out saddle pattern
    5) Transferring pattern onto styrene
    6) Cutting pattern out of leather
    7)Attaching leather to saddle using zip ties for testing 
    8) Dampening leather to allow it to mold to the back of the saddle
    9) 1st mock up of saddle tied up for molding purposes
    10) Hand-dying the saddle
    11) A test debossing of the leather on a scrap piece of leather
    12) Attaching the final, dyed pattern of leather to the saddle frame with rivets