Stewardson Competition

  • This project was completed for the 10 day 113th John Stewardson Memorial Competition. My design for the Francisville Terraces on Ridge Avenue aims to foster a thriving and creative LIVE. WORK community in the arts district. Significant considerations for the conception of the new Francisville include environmentally sustainable methods, stimulating the commercial corridor along Ridge Avenue, and attention to preserving the existing historic structures and character in the neighborhood.
    Many of said considerations were especially important in the design of a new streetscape that could project further down Ridge Avenue. Off of the street, the creation of urban terraces exist to provide solutions to urban contextual issues including storm water management, parking, and public gathering space. The design of the urban terraces are also flexible in size and program for use in optimizing leftover space created from the Philadelphia grid. The building envelope assemblies are designed with durable, climate responsive, and inexpensive materials. These materials include high performance glazing with exterior sun shading, as well as a ventilated fiber cement panel rain screen assembly and aluminum trim.