Bronson - Scene Reimagining [3D Animation]

  • Bronson
  • This project's purpose was to reimagine a scene from a movie and reapply the audio to a different setting. I chose to reimagine a scene from the film "Bronson" and apply it to an angry gamer.
    Song is: Your Silent Face - New Order
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Inspiration
  • Scene Reimagined
  • This is the scene from the film 'Bronson' that I decided to reimagine. I chose this┬áscene because I enjoyed the awkward upbeat humor of the scene and wanted to recreate that feeling in a seperate scenario.
  • Pre-render Test Footage
  • This is a test render of the reimagining project titled Bronson. Here you see all the animations and controls, timed to the original audio of the scene. The Lighting was not yet setup; this video's purpose was to compare the timing of the animations and dialogue to the original scene.