• A little over a year ago, I was befriended by a distant relative from Germany on Facebook, and added to a group full of "Otterbein's". One of the members of the group added the Otterbein family crest and I found it to be a little outdated. 

    Without removing any of the major symbols from the crest, because each symbol has a specific meaning, I made the crest more visually appealing. 
  • This is the original Otterbein Crest. 
  • Based off of the original, I began sketching
  • Through the sketches I did some from studies to make the otter more dynamic and fun.
  • Heres the Final, I free hand sketched it on a Wacomb tablet. 
  • Each Symbol and its meaning...
    Otter- One who lives life to the Fullest
    Wings- Swiftness and Protection
    Helmet- Strenght and Protection
    Wreath (around shield)- Triumph
    Gold (Yello)- Generosity
    Green- Hope, Joy, Loyalty in love