Evolution V.S. Creation

  • This project was an second semester Freshman year assignment for Industrial Design students at Philadelphia University.
    The breif for this assignment was to create a sculpture using two opposing themes like Hot and Cold, or Night and Day. 
    The themes I chose for this sculpture were Evolution and Creation. They're two themes that are constantly debated and very personal for me and my views on life. 
  • Started with a sketch to decide the symbols I wanted to depict the two themes. 
    The hand is God
    And the line of creatures is the Evolution of Man. 
  • I then went into some 3D sketch models to figure out the arangement and the gesture of the hand.
    I decided to base the gesture of the hand of God off of Michaleangelo's painting "The Creation of Adam" on the ceiling of the Sistine Chappel. 
  • Once the Gesture of the hand was decided, I began to Make the final sculpture out of blue foam covered in spackle.