Masonville Cove Design System

  • Masonville Cove
    A design system with parents, children, and the environment in mind
  • This project was developed for Masonville Cove, an environmental education center located in Baltimore, Maryland. The client was focused on raising awareness within the local community. They have a great free facility and are one of the few open spaces left in Baltimore, but they have struggled to connect with the community they long to serve. The brief required a publication, a digital component, and a campaign. The design system I developed was for parents and children in the neighborhoods surrounding Masonville Cove. I felt this was the most important audience to focus on because the facility wants to educate and serve the underprivileged families that live nearby, rather than the wealthy suburbanites that currently drive in to take advantage of Masonville’s free programs.
    Early on, the illustrations of native Baltimore-area animals came into play. The publication’s content is geared towards parents but is visually engaging so that their children could sit down and read it with them. As the parents flip through reading, the children learn to identify the local animals and are rewarded with animal masks at the end of the publication. The app gives the children an additional chance to interact with the animals and learn more about them. The poster campaign can be placed in Baltimore's bus shelters to reach parents on their daily commutes. Ultimately my goal was to bring families closer with one another but also bring them closer to the natural environment that's so close at hand.
  • The Publication
  • The App
  • The Campaign