Ridge Place | Stewardson Competition 2014

    The1500 block of Ridge Avenue in the Francisville neighborhood of Philadelphia consists of numerous vacant row houses across from a lot filled with gravel, stone, and more vacant buildings. In the middle of this vacant lot is Francisville’s Art’s Garage that houses performances from numerous local artists. With the development of the arts corridor on this block of Ridge Avenue, this proposal offers artists more space to showcase their work to the community.
    While there were so many vacant buildings on the site, strategies to preserve and demolish were both prevelent. The rowhouses on the south side of Ridge Avenue would be renovated and vacant lots would be infilled. Buildings along Ridge Avenue along the north parcel are demolished but materials would be reused for paving and smaller interventions on the site.
    With residences, retail, galleries, restuaurants, a cafe, and a performance space surrounding a public square, Ridge Place would attract a diverse group of people on the north end of Philadelphia’s Arts Corrior.
  • Piazza Interior
  • Ridge Ave
  • Site Section