Costa Rica Observation Point

  • The studio is based on a novel design-build curriculum called Ecosystem based design.  Based on research and analysis of the Costa Rica National Park system, specifically Guanacaste National Park, there is a need for relief points around the park.  Our goal is a design-build project that can be implemented in multiple areas around the National Parks in order to provide cover and rest areas for tourists experiencing the plethora of ecosystems within each park.  
  • Exterior Perspective
  • Interior Perspective
  • Sketch Axon Process Drawing
  • Sketch Section Process Drawing
  • Plan
  • Section
  • Model of the 3 Module Observation Point
  • This project allows the process of tectonics to create a studio in which a full scale mock up will be made on campus as well as a full set of construction documents that will made available to the National parks of Costa Rica for their use.