Raising The Boundary | A Border Crossing Station

  • Raising the Border is a design for a border crossing station to facilitate the passage for civilians between the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through the Dominican city of Jimani.  Due to the site’s vulnerability to flooding, the auxiliary buildings are to be raised. In the design, the concept is to take the existing market that is currently at the border line next to Lake Etang Saumatre and roadway Avenida 19 de Marzo, and raise it as a central axis by using tree-like trusses. These trusses will penetrate the new market place to support and shade civilians during their travels. Under this central market an attempt will be made to solve the flooding problem by letting water from the adjacent lake flow under the site into a man-made mangrove swamp. This stream will run the path of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Because the current site is filled with shipping containers, the design will reuse some of these to create the structure of the building. Raising the Border will facilitate the traffic of people between countries through a raised structure, while providing views of the adjacent mountains and lake, as well as shading for a new public market.  
  • Pedestrians walk up the metal walkways and into the raised market space. They pass through customs and recieve a stamp for Market-Only Access or show their visa to cross. We wanted to completely separate car customs with pedestrian customs to reduce injury.
  • We are using Shipping Containers from surrounding areas that to alleviate costs, and to reduce the amount of new building materials used. We used local re-fired stone for flooring that had local curb appeal. Our canopy over the market features a Woven Fiberglass screen that uses recycled resin as it's base.
  • We are using Tree Columns to support our raised marketspace as a reference to Haiti's rapid deforestation rate. We wanted to provide space around our market for additional market sprawl as more people are drawn to an improved market from a wider area.
  • Raised Market Space
    Woven Fiberglass Canopy
  • Pedestrian Customs
  • Our program called for an overnight care taker space. His view focuses on the mountains to energize the space. Solar panels are utilized and can contribute at least 45% of the overall electricity during winter months and 70%+ during summer months.
  • Our program called for an office space that was closed off from the public that housed a General Office Space, a Data Processing section and a Lab Area for hazardous materials. We added in a lunch area to our space to imporve work atmosphere. The Green Wall at the back of the space improves overall air quality which has been linked to improved employee production. We made sure to allow for ADA access via elevator and with our bathroom.
  • West Elevation
  • North Elevation