Manayunk Bookstore _ Fall 2012

  • The mezzanine was designed almost entirely for book shelving.  The mezzanine is open to below on either side, and consists of two varying levels which are both ADA accessible.  
  • The main floor, which is at street level, consists mainly of book shelves, lounge areas, and circulation.  Upon entering, one can view both above to the third story ceiling and below to the basement.  The book shelves on this level are on a track system, therefore movable to create different spaces.  
  • The basement consists of a small cafe, lounge seating, and an event area/market place.  The market place will offer local produce, but is flexible to accommodate small events, vendors, and lectures.  The tote path along the canal is also accessible from this level.
  • Main Floor Perspective
  • Basement Perspective
  • Spring 2012