Fashion Showroom _ Spring 2012

  • The front elevation was designed to intrigue viewers from outside.  The glass facade is striped with thin black lines that move further apart in the center of the display.  This gives the illusion of movement, mystery, and reveal.  The fact that the viewer can only see the product from certain angles pulls them into the showroom to view more.
  • The floor plan shows how the overall design was used to create a dynamic space able to adapt for different products and functions.  Almost every wall partition in the show room is on a track system, where they can be moved together to create more intimate spaces, or pulled apart to create a more open and seperated display area. 
  • The ceiling is of the show room is the main area of color.  The floor plan and eye level plane are mainly black and translucent colors, creating little distraction from the show cased products.  However, the ceiling is an entirely different plane and is rich with texture and color.  The ceiling element is made up of back lit resin panels, that are custom printed with one of Roberto Cavalli's fabric designs.  These panels are structurally and aesthetically held in place by black beams, which run horizontally through the length of the space.  The beams also reinforce the movement of clients though the space.  These resin panels are also of course interchangeable, depending on the season, the line, or the product being show cased.
  • In the section one can see how there are reveals behind the moving resin partitions.  It also shows the different levels of the space as one moves back towards the platform displays.
  • The elevation demonstrates how the back lit resin panels on the ceiling drop down onto the back wall.  The frosted glass partitions are secured into a track system which allows them to move across the platforms as seen in the elevation as well.  These partitions can create many different small spaces, or one large space.  This back platform area would be used for either mannequin displays, live models, or a blend of the two.
  • Hand drawn details demonstrate how exactly each of the moving partitions are constructed.  There are also vaious display areas and ceiling sections.