Purse Boutique _ Fall 2012

  • This boutique was designed to market and display custom purses, hand bags, and luggage.  The space focuses on showcasing these custom products, through one unifying design element, as well as additional reinforcing elements.
  • The branding of Pastiche is a combination of different elements that make up the boutique between graphic and interior design.  The overall atmosphere of the space is open, clean, and made up of a neutral color palette.  Each aspect of the space is based off linear forms, which is translated though our logo, floor plan, ceiling plan, and display elements.  The reoccurring shape in our space is rigid form easily seen in the floor plan and ceiling plan as it stretches across the entire space.  This shape defines Pastiche, and is repeated through the space in each drawing as well as the logo.  The logo incorporates this shape as an abstract representation of a hand bag strap.  Underneath this strap are broken up into modular pieces, which form the P to start the name of the store.
  • Color Theory:
    Our color concept is based off a neutral palette.  The three main colors in our space are light gray, medium gray, and yellow as an accent color.  The goal was to create a space that fades back, allowing the product to give the space a majority of its color.  The product being handbags and luggage are rich in color and texture.  They therefore pop out from the neutral colored display cases.  Yellow was chosen to be the accent color because of its warm contrast with the gray palette it was matched with.  Overall the colors chosen create an open, airy, and elegant space that showcases the product.
  • Light Study:
    The lighting for this space is of course based on showcasing the product.  All major lighting is focused on the product displays, as well as the overall lighting that was not as prominent.  The three major areas of lighting are the display walk, the glass display boxes, and the cut out displays on the opposite wall.  The type of lighting systems used in the space are track lighting and recessed lighting (depending on the area).  The track lighting contains LEED bulbs, while the recessed lights are fluorescent.  There are recessed lights throughout the ceiling, as well as inside the cut out displays in the walls.  The tone of the bulbs are on the warmer side, considering most of the color surrounding the space is white or gray.
  • Lighting Diagram
  • Interior Elevation
  • Interior Elevation
  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Overall Interior Perspective
  • Product Display Perspective