Community Center _ Spring 2012

  • The Community Center was designed to bring together older and younger generations.  It is a way for both senior citizens and children to educate, learn, and help eachother. The concept of this center was to create a tranquil space focused on fluid motion and circulation.  The space was designed with healthcare design codes in mind, so all uphostered furniture, flooring, and surfaces can be easily maintained and cleaned.  The floorplan shows the different flooring materials which seperate the spaces as well as form the main circulation path.  Every peice of the project was completely hand drawn and rendered.
  • The cork display boards are secured onto metal rods so that they are able to turn and be viewed from different angles.  These boards will display artwork of the children, as well as information about the center.
  • Construction of the Display Element
  • The custom fish tank wraps the small desks in the center of the facility.  It is viewable from either side, and has a small step for you children.