• Exploring an opportunity to design a product that encourages people, of any age, to spend more time interacting with nature. Finding a design opportunity required observing and understanding the 
    relationship between people and the natural world. 
  • My Opportunity: In the yard
  • From observation: if families have their own outdoor space, why are they not spending time outside?
  • Look no further than your own yard...
    This design encourages families/friends to spend time together, in the comfort of their own yard. This product does not stop at just yards. It can encourage families living in an urban setting to go to a local park to use it. 
  • Assembly: 
    1. Un-velcro the straps, unroll and unfold, 2. Insert 5’ poles in all sides of the mat, 3. Insert 6’ poles into the uprights of the fabric structure, 4. Collect natural elements or alternative objects, 5. Weave the found objects through the elastic straps