Community Vision: Paradise Within Paradise

  • Paradise: Creating an Eco-district framework that promotes healthy lifestyles through Ecology, Economy, and Community.
    Healthy Lifestyles: Paradise within Paradise
    Hugged by history and knit by culture, Paradise has the resilient will to become a role model in this neighborhood but it is restricted by these abrasive borders. Healthy Lifestyles interweaves a network of urban paths and trails that navigate the community through a series of interactive and engaging interventions. Through a series of active and passive experiences Healthy Lifestyles links activity between all age groups within Paradise to create unity within the diverse community.
    Healthy Lifestyles claims vacant lands, derelict railway corridors, industrial archetypes, and existing urban culture. By transforming these lands into passive and active green spaces it will provide Paradise with areas where the user can reconnect with nature, community, and Philadelphia. The activity of pedestrian path systems, the collaboration of community gardens, and the flexibility of the Community Wellness Center enhances Paradise by providing these tools to become a role model for all neighborhoods.
    The community by the addition of active and passive spaces through the community will increase interaction(s), biodiversity, education, and also the overall economy. Healthy Lifestyles does not only address the diverse culture of Paradise now but it creates a building block for generations to come. This concept will bring a paradigm positive change to the community while giving the community its very own identity.
  • Aanlysis of Public Amenities + Food Networks + Equitable Development
  • Analysis of Stormwater Management

  • Framework Plan
  • Concept 
  • Grading Plan