• Occupational Therapy & Industrial Design Collaboration
    Directive - Work with an OT to develop a tool to aid a client with Cerebral Palsy. Opening snack bags was difficult for the client. A safe and effective tool was designed specifically for him. 
  • Cerebral Palsy
    Our client was affected with CP, a disorder which directly affects brain, nervous system, and motor functions.
  • Motor Skills 
    Our client only had the use of his right hand. His motor skills were limited to his thumb and palm. 
  • Our client had difficulty opening the snack bags in his lunch. He took pride in being independent and he always required help opening the packages.
  • A modified hole-puncher provided a quick gripping option for the top of the bag. Adding a blade punch allows the hole-punch to slide along the top cutting the bag open.  
  • The first Grip & Rip version worked well, but the exposed blade and size made it difficult for the client to use. 
  • The second iteration utilizes a mini hole-puncher with the blade internalized. Guidance lips in the front help the bag enter the opening, while the smaller size makes hand leverage easier.
  • The Grip & Rip Mini working model.
  • Exploded view of the Grip & Rip Mini minus the pending blade punch. 
  • Our client now uses his Grip & Rip to open the bags himself.