Papermate InkJoy 2.0 Pro

  • Papermate Inkjoy 2013 Sprint Competition:¬†Design a new pen series that reflected¬†
    the Papermate brand and new InkJoy ink system.
  • Reverse Engineering existing pens.
  • Finding existing components for our design phase.
  • Sketch iteration evolution to final design.
  • The Papermate InkJoy 2.0 pro features a sleek single-body design and a color window highlighting the new InkJoy colored inks.¬†
  • Color variations for the 2.0 Pro.
  • Packaging concept for the 2.0 Pro.
  • The 2.0 Pro 3D printed in ABS plastic with finishes. The design featured styling around existing components creating a working final model.
  • Presentaion Day.