Computer Code Studies

  • The original goal of the script was to create a user-based network of lines. This is done by
    allowing the user to create a path and have it linked to the edges of the computer screen.
    This combination of randomness and user specificity creates the composition. The script
    can easily become convoluted so can be easily erased with the right mouse click
    Concept Sketches

  • The processing code below rips information on pre-set
    Mp3 les that takes the information and applies it to box
    places in space. The dierent sound frequencies dene
    the dierent heights of each of the object. There are also
    separate multipliers to create more diverse boxes within
    space. Another larger push pop function creates frequencies
    to dene the terrain on with the boxes sit on. These
    create a series of dierent “towers” that are dene by the
    user clicking and the frequencies of each song.
  • MP3 #2
  • MP3 #3
  • MP3 #4
  • MP3 #5
  • MP3 #6
  • MP3 #7
  • MP3 #8
  • An exploration of Sin, Cos, and Tan functions in Three-Dimensional to create a
    One-Dimensional and a Two-Dimensional Pattern. The patterns will explore both the
    import math and import random functions in Python to create a random eect using
    loops to control the amount of objects as well as the turns radius of the pattern to uses
    algebraic formulas to create a new form and build from One-Dimensional to Two
    Dimensional patterns.